YBB2016-02 Comin’ Atcha! (Despite 3 Months of Personal Challenges)

Is YBB-02 Happening Next Week?

Your Biblical Breakthrough! Training Telesummit 2016-Feb25 is coming up – next week!

You may have been poking around the site and wondering, “What is up with this site? Some stuff is for February 2016 and some stuff still says November 2015. Is it going to happen next week?”

The Answer:

Yes, it is.

Three of the four sessions have been recorded – hooray! And the fourth and final one (yes, of course it’s mine), is coming up for recording on 2/24, which will be dicey for getting it all integrated to open up on Thursday, but not impossible. Please, hold my family and me up in prayer during this coming week, and pray also for all of the involved technologies for putting it all together. Thank you!

So, why the delays and such?

Well, life has been life and, as life sometimes does, it has forced me (probably in a good way) to slow down to a near-halt. As for my life, my family and I (but mainly I) have been sick pretty much since the beginning of December. I had a vicious bout with bronchitis beginning the first week of December, which was big fun just as I was flying home to Houston to help my mom move into a retirement community (awesome move and excellent life-change for her – she L.O.V.E.S. it). Ended up in urgent care in Tejas. It pretended to last a month with some residuals in the second month (January).

In the midst of the worst of the bronchitis, while I was on a steroid pack, antibiotics, and and inhaler, and inhaling every clean-the-air-related essential oil diffuser concoction I could, I adhered to a grueling rehearsal schedule for and put on a Christmas concert benefiting anti-human-trafficking efforts of WARInternational.org!


I know. But, seriously, the Lord provided and my voice was at the top of its game – the best it’s been in nearly a year – for the concert. What a praise!

In fact, here’s the link to the concert as a little Christmas-in-Lent gift for you. (Note: the link to part 2 of the concert is in the description of part 1.)

In January, while the bronchitis pretended to have gone away, beginning with me, my kids and I enjoyed a nice little domino-series of stomach viruses. And then my husband had an emergency appendectomy. And then I got bronchitis again around Feb 2 (did it ever really go away? who knows!). And now, I have a nice little enormous sinus infection to add to the bronchial-coughing fun. Woot!

So, everything with YBB! has been running behind.

If you’ve seen the registration page and the rest of the website and been confused by the dates or the fact that the presenters’ photos, bios, and teaching talk titles haven’t been changed, just know it is happening.

And please pray it happens. 🙂

Thank You for Your Prayers!

Much love to you. Thank you for reading, and for your interest in and for praying for YBB! (and me)! My prayer – as always – is that it will be a blessing to you and that God will be glorified in our desire to know his Word better.


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