Results of YBB! Telesummit 2015

by BBAdmin
A lot of people have asked me how the first YBB!Telesummit went last month, so it’s time for a follow-up report!

In my opinion, this is a great report, too! Seventy people, primarily women, took part in the November 2015 event! I now consider that good, although, admittedly, I was a bit disappointed at first. Why? Well, in business-terms, I understand the power of the leverage the internet affords today – the potential reach, even for individuals, is unprecedented in history. So, based on that factor, 70 seemed small in comparison to what it could have been.

Also, coming from a career background of mega-church-youth-ministry-style numbers, 70 seemed small to me. I’ve always corrected that impulse with the reminder, “It’s not about the numbers! It never is! It’s about the people, the souls, the growth. Remember that!”

Thankfully, this corrective was reinforced over the last several weeks as I’ve received numerous end-of-year ministry email updates from various ministries and missionaries we support through prayer and/or finances. Many of them have ecstatically reported participation in events with numbers such as 35, 55 and 25 – and even 1, 2 or 3 souls given to Christ, or lives altered and diverted toward Kingdom work and such.

Now, I’m excited about 70, for three main reasons:

  • Because that’s 70 people, mainly women – the most over-expected to serve and least-trained Biblically and theologically to serve effectively – who are going deeper in/into the Word, thinking more rigorously about the Bible, and being equipped to understand and even teach it better.
  • Because the YBB! event is new – new by measure of its own brief life-span and new because the internet/telesummit forum is relatively new in its application for Bible study training for women. So going from zero-to-seventy in one summit seems pretty decent. That kind of acceleration works for cars…
  • Because the YBB! participants were active participants – watching the trainings and downloading the freebies/gifts provided by the presenters. They registered, they attended, they engaged, and many gave positive feedback. That excites me. In internet marketing terms, this tells us that most of those 70 were in our “target audience.” They are those who want to grow in their knowledge and understanding of God’s Word – and they want what the other presenters and I have to give. It feels nice to be on the right track.
As a result, we’re off to the races again and moving toward a YBB! Telesummit that will begin on Feb. 25, 2016. We expect 7 or 8 presenters on differing topics (TBA). We expect registration to open on January 1. Woo-hoo!

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