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Book Giveaway Contest – Know What You Believe!

by BBAdmin
We’re Giving away Patty Houser’s Book! Click on the book image just below or the link at the bottom of the page to enter the contest. A Woman’s Guide to Knowing What You Believe: How to Love God with Your Heart and Your Mind God has given every woman the ability to have an extraordinary faith–one that involves both the heart and the mind. Yet many women’s faith is grounded solely in their hearts, leaving them unable to defend their faith or susceptible to the latest spiritual fads. In this book, Patty includes real-life stories and examples, including her own experience coming to […]

YBB2016-02 Comin’ Atcha! (Despite 3 Months of Personal Challenges)

by BBAdmin
Is YBB-02 Happening Next Week? Your Biblical Breakthrough! Training Telesummit 2016-Feb25 is coming up – next week! You may have been poking around the site and wondering, “What is up with this site? Some stuff is for February 2016 and some stuff still says November 2015. Is it going to happen next week?” The Answer: Yes, it is. Three of the four sessions have been recorded – hooray! And the fourth and final one (yes, of course it’s mine), is coming up for recording on 2/24, which will be dicey for getting it all integrated to open up on Thursday, […]