The Next YBB! Event: 24–25 February 2016 2016 February Event

The (Virtual) Doors to the first 2016 YBB! Event will open at 8:45 AM EST on Feb. 24, and the event will run through the 25th.

Like 2015’s event, you will not need to be present (at your computer) to win. You will receive emails in your inbox throughout the day that contain the link to each presentations. We spread it out so it doesn’t overwhelm you and so that you’ll have time to consume the lessons. Also, with the increased number of presentations, we are increasing the time you will  have to view their presentations from 48 hours to 72 hours from either the first seminar email or your moment of registration, whichever occurs later. You will need to view all of the presentation videos and download any free, downloadable gifts from the presenters within that 72-hour time-frame.

Will It Still Be Free Initially?

Yes, as in 2015, the first 48 hours of the event, it is 100% free for all registrants! After that 48-hour “opening-days” period, new registrants (or attendees who’ve let their access expire, i.e. they didn’t complete their training-video viewing and document downloading within the 72 hour period) will need to purchase access for a very modest fee. The fee for 2015 was only $12 for all of that training in the four sessions. The fee for 2016 February’s event will be similar in its generosity and humility, but will reflect the increased number of presentations.

Dr. Natalie R. W. Eastman

Dr. Natalie Eastman

2016 FEB Event Presenters

5–7 Amazing Presenters will be teaching in February and all will be, again, hosted by YBB! creator and founder, Dr. Natalie Eastman. We’ll announce the presenters as soon as their topics are confirmed, which is happening throughout December. They are super-excited, as are we, to be bringing you high-level, very-focused training to help you take your Bible study, understanding, and interpretation, including your teaching of it, to a whole new level.

How to Register for the 2016 FEB Event

The same registration page URL will be used for the next event: However, that registration gateway won’t open for 2016’s first event until after the 2015 event ends completely. January 1, 2016 is a safe bet to return to register.

How to Stay Informed

Stay on the email list to stay connected and informed. If you’re not on the email list, we invite you to register for it now so now, so you can keep up-to-date. Also, we’ll send you our bi-monthly e-newsletter, Dig Deep!, which contains a helpful Bible-study nugget, as well as important/upcoming dates and events, recommendations, and newsy bits concerning Dr. Eastman’s ministry.

Will There Be Another 2016 YBB! Event?

At this time, we are planning another 2016 event, which will take place in the July/August time frame, and possibly one in the November/December time frames. More on the exact dates and presenters for those events will occur in early 2016.

Thank you for your interest in Your Biblical Breakthrough!