Your Biblical Breakthrough! Session 4

Dr. Natalie R. W. Eastman
A Synopsis of the Four Gospels:
What It Is, What It Does,
& What It Can Do For You

In this session, Dr. Natalie Eastman teaches all about her favorite Bible study tool: a synopsis of the four Gospels. An essential tool for teaching about or preaching from the Gospels, or even simply reading them devotionally, everyone should have one of these.
She aims to convince you to fall in love with this tool that helps you…

  • know the differences between the versions of any of the Gospel stories
  • understand the purpose and intent of each Gospel writer (what’s important to each chronicler? what was he trying to emphasize? to whom was he communicating?)
  • read all the Gospels side by side so you don’t have to flip back and forth to cross-reference (woot!)
  • read the Gospels devotionally
  • dive deep into the Gospels
  • get to know Jesus better: his life and ministry and how it all went down.

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