Your Biblical Breakthrough! Session 3

Patty Houser
Recognizing and Accounting for Biblical Historical-Cultural Context:
The Tools I Use & How I Use Them

In this session, Patty Houser teaches her 3-step approach for effective acknowledgement of the historical and cultural context of a biblical passage. She also shares some mental tips for studying and digesting the both the process and the material you’ve studied. And she provides the titles of trustworthy resources to help broaden your knowledge about ancient Israel and the ancient Near East.

  • You’ll discover why understanding the specific historical and cultural context in which the Bible was written matters so much to our understanding of it today.
  • You’ll learn her 3-step approach for biblical interpretation that enables you to understand who the biblical authors were writing to, if what they said only applied to that specific audience, or if what they wrote still applies to Christians today.
  • You’ll learn how asking lots and lots of questions helps you address all the cultural and historical issues that need to be addressed.
  • You’ll obtain four practical tips to help you set and achieve realistic goals for taking the historic and cultural context into account when studying your Bible.


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