Your Biblical Breakthrough! Session 1

Leah Everson
The Basics of Studying Biblical Poetry

In this session, Leah Everson teaches gives us an excellent introduction to studying biblical poetry with clarity.
The value in learning more about how to study biblical poetry accurately is clear:

  • One third of the Bible is poetry. Imagine tearing out every third page of your bible. If we do not understand how to interpret Biblical poetry, we are missing one third of the words God has for us.
  • Poetry can be confusing with all the figurative language and ancient imagery. It is important to grasp how to interpret it so that we do not interpret literally what is meant to be taken figuratively. Or vice versa.
  • The structure of Biblical poetry is important in order to interpret what an author is emphasizing. We must pay attention to how the author wrote in order to interpret the importance of what he is saying.


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