Your Biblical Breakthrough! Session 2

Dr. Robin Gallaher Branch
Digging Deeper into Old Testament Narration

Following on from her session in YBB! 2015, in this session, Dr. Robin Gallaher Branch takes us a step further and deeper into OT narration.
She helps us understand more fully and accurately the messages and intentions the OT narrators of history, including both the chroniclers and God, by sharpening skills like these:

  • Using 2 Kings 5, a story about the ministry of Elisha the prophet, you’ll learn basic skills in reading biblical narration.
  • You’ll learn how to recognize how details matter in interpreting a story.
  • You’ll learn to recognize basic literary tools like conflict, dialogue, repetition, tone, viewpoint, characterization, and setting.
  • You’ll look at a story contextually—what happened before and afterward in a specific book—and see how that particular pericope (the specific verses studied) contributes to ongoing themes in a book, in this case, 2 Kings.

Robin has often said,
“Let your devotions feed your study and let your study feed your devotions.”


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