Welcome! An Introduction…

What is Your Biblical Breakthrough! and Who’s It For?

Your Biblical Breakthrough! Training Telesummits for Women are free, online training in a telesummit format. Our continual focus is on best practices in Bible study and Bible interpretation. YBB! is aimed toward women, primarily (although men are welcome), who love the Bible and want to study and understand it better as God’s Word, but who lead busy lives, and who perhaps do not have the ability to attend seminary or who don’t have biblical and theological training readily accessible to them.

YBB! is for “everyday Christians,” including women attending and/or leading Bible studies, or who are simply studying the Bible for their personal relationships with the Lord. These brief and digestible training sessions will help folks who are trying to get the most out of their Bible reading. They’ll aid folks who are trying to sort through a difficult or controversial issue, like how to view homosexual marriage, infant vs. believer’s baptism, whether divorce is acceptable to God, or how to understand women’s and men’s identities and roles from Scripture. It’s for Bible study and ministry leaders. It’s for pastors and ministers. It’s for Christian counselor seeking to help clients understand how the Bible addresses (or doesn’t directly address) a personal life issue. It’s for missionaries out in the field looking for ways to pass along deeper-but-attainable strategies for studying the Bible.

Hopefully, you can see by now that YBB! is for anyone wanting more knowledge of Scripture and how to study it better. This deeper knowledge, of course, will also help the student of the Word know how it applies to their lives.


  • “Best Practices” in Bible study and interpretation. Why bother if it’s not?
  • Digestible: Sessions all last one hour or less
  • Plain-Language: We keep the theological lingo to a minimum, so it will be very approachable for folks without a formal theological background, but who want to learn to read, study, understand, interpret, teach, and/or preach the Bible better.
  • Convenience: Access to the sessions are delivered directly to your email inbox throughout the day. Also for your convenience, you are sent reminders before the telesummit begins.
  • Free (for a limited time): You receive access to high-level, no-cost training for 48 hours. After 48 hours, the telesummit content will be accessible for 2 weeks for a very modest fee. After that 2 week period, all of the summit content will no longer be publicly available. It will then be used as training bonuses in The Verity Initiative’s online training and coaching program, Biblical Breakthrough!

Who Are the Presenters?

The presenters are primarily women, but sometimes men, who are each qualified to educate others, either by virtue of their academic credentials (Ph.D.’s, D.Min.’s, M.Div.’s, M.A.’s, and such) or by their continual example of lifelong study and teaching of the Word within the Church body.

In addition to each presenter’s qualifications, they’re all really great people from whom I would personally want to learn, and from whom, in many cases, I do learn.

Thus far, most presenters have been personal colleagues, friends, and/or (in at least two cases) relatives of mine (Natalie Eastman), although our desire is to expand this circle of qualified trainers. In all honesty, I’ve been extraordinarily blessed to have rubbed shoulders with some really, really smart and godly people throughout the course of my life. It’s my honor, as well as my pleasure, in some cases to introduce them to you; in all cases, to share them with you.

2016 YBB! Presenters

  • Session 1 – Leah Everson
  • Session 2 – Dr. Robin Gallaher Branch
  • Session 3 – Patty Houser
  • Session 4 – Dr. Natalie Eastman

Please Explain More about the Timing

  • The actual event (the telesummit) begins on Thurs., Feb. 25, 2016 and runs through midnight, Sat., March 12.
  • Registered attendees receive time-released emails to their email inbox throughout the day once they register, beginning on 2/25. So, you do not need to be chained to your computer all day!
  • You can register at the “free membership level” any time up to midnight, Saturday 2/27/16. After that time, we ask that you pay $12 to receive access to the trainings and materials. This is done on the honor system.
  • Free-level registrants have 72 hours to view the videos and download the free gifts from each presenter from the point that they register in the site’s checkout process. After 72 hours their “site membership” will expire. In order to access the training and materials after that, they will be able to do so by upgrading their membership to the “paid” level at that very modest fee of $12.
  • Paid-level registrants will have 7 days from the point of paying (checking out from the online store) to view the trainings and download the materials. After 7 days their “site membership” will expire.
  • After the final point of registration (Midnight, Sat., 3/12/16), all of the YBB! content will become unavailable to the public, and will be used within the premium tiers in TVI’s online membership site for Bible training and coaching (Biblical Breakthrough!!).
  • Attendees who registered at 11:59 PM Midnight EST on 3/12/2016 will still have 7 days to complete their training and access the downloads.

How Do I Purchase Access to the YBB! Content after the Free Period?

The first couple of days of every summit, the teaching and downloadable content are 100% free to all registrants. This period is typically the first 48-72 hours after the “virtual doors open” on the day of the telesummit. To purchase access after that window of time, please visit the “store” on this website at this link: Purchase YBB! by Clicking Here

What Equipment Do I Need?

You’ll need a reliable broadband internet connection. You might want earphones/earbuds.

In What Languages Is YBB! Available?

While we’d love to be able to provide translation in multiple languages, it’s simply not feasible at this time. So folks for whom understanding English is an issue will need to watch with someone who can translate.

A Few Additional Thoughts from
YBB! Founder, Dr. Natalie Eastman

As we approach our second telesummit, I’ve paused to reflect a bit. The November 2015 YBB! telesummit marked the first time I put on anything like this and definitely anything to this extent. Things weren’t very “pretty” or “slick,” but it was there: my offering. And the excellent news is that more than 70 participants engaged with the presentations and downloaded the materials! Yippee!

I expressed this before and still believe it: YBB! seems like a culmination of much of my life’s work, research, ministry, and unique positioning. So, from my persepctive it’s an offering to the Lord for his Church’s growth. That said, my husband and I have prayed and discussed the future of the telesummits. The exact future isn’t clear, although for now I’m continuing the 2016 planning; but we both realized that…

1. I need help. Thus far, it’s been just me producing and directing the entire effort. I’m praying for people who have already caught or who think they are catching a vision for this to join in on a volunteer team. (If this is you, please email me at womenleadershipbible @

2. We need/want to see more evidence that women find this engaging and are indeed benefiting from these efforts. We have received a number of emails saying “thank you” and “this is so good!” and other brief kind words. We’d like/LOVE to hear some specific feedback regarding the blessing you receive from the training. (So please leave comments on every page where they’re invited and please send your feedback to womenleadershipbible @ Of course, constructive criticism is always helpful and appreciated, too; so feel free to engage us with your suggestions. But know that we might just recruit you to solve the problem… 😉

3. We will need to see that others are gaining a vision for these telesummits such that they participate, help spread the word about it (perhaps by becoming “affiliate”), and donate.

We trust that each person who comes across this will seek the Lord on their own involvement and level of participation and/or support.

Also, just so you know, it’s my heart’s desire that this “go global” for the church’s benefit: to be used where folks don’t have easy access to seminary training, where women aren’t trained much (or at all) biblically or theologically, etc. Of course, language is an issue and is currently a barrier for many; but one thing at a time. So, for now it’s limited to English speakers or those who, as mentioned, have their own means for translation.

I hope it’s somehow helpful to you and folks you know and/or that you will be willing to share the link and this description with others you believe might benefit from it. If the November telesummit have been a blessing to you, would you consider posting a comment right now and then also sending me your comment/feedback regarding that blessing? I’d sincerely appreciate it!

The Lord bless you as you go deeper in the Word and in your confidence in your understanding of it – and him!

Natalie Eastman
Founder, Your BiblicalBreakthrough! Training Telesummits for Women

Video Introduction by Natalie Eastman

Note: In the video, I refer to the November 2015 summit, but the history of the summit, description of what it is and how it works, and other details are still accurate.